Microsoft to buy Yahoo!?

microsoft_yahoo_070724_msBig news coming at the end of this week, Microsoft has placed a bid of $44.6 billion, to acquire Yahoo!. What does this mean exactly? Well, this could be a chance for Microsoft to play “catch-up” with Google. With the acquisition of Yahoo! Microsoft could join both its own live search and and Yahoo!’s search, therefore increasing their overall searches, making them a worthy competitor to Google. But will this be enough of a push to beat Google, many still think that Microsoft doesn’t have a chance.

With the recently disappointing earnings report from Yahoo!, setting Yahoo!’s shares down, the recent resignation of Yahoo!’s CEO Jerry Yang, and if that wasn’t enough the company’s announced 1,000 layoffs is this a company worth acquiring? This question will hopefully be answer ed next week. Microsoft and Yahoo! join together, live search meets Yahoo! search, lets hope if these do become truths that it renders a positive outcome rather than a negative one.



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