700 MHz Auction Craziness

wi-fi tower logoBidding for the 700 MHz wireless spectrum has reached $18.55 billion as of Friday, according to the FCC. The 700 MHz spectrum is so valuable because they can travel long distances, and penetrate through thick walls. Where are they getting these extra airwaves from? Well, television broadcasters will be giving them up when they make the switch to digital in 2009, if that date stands true.

The big money maker of the auction currently is the C-block of the spectrum. The C-block alone attracted a bid of $4.71 billion, on Thursday. Why is the C-block the most attractive part of the spectrum? Well the “C”-block will as set by the FCC’s rules, have to be made accessible using any device or software app. The auction will end, quite simply when there are no more bids placed.

[Via News.com]


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