Google Shares Plummet lower than $500

19google.184 Trouble comes to Google investors on Monday, at the time of the Market’s close, Google’s shares clocked in at $495.43. This marks the first time that they have closed a day with shares selling for less than $500.

What went wrong? Before this tragic plummet, Google’s shares were soaring topping out at $747 last November. Google’s first slam came when they reported disappointing fourth-quarter results. To knock them further in the ground the announcement of Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo!. Google investors might want to consider selling their shares while they aren’t in too deep of a hole.

What I can’t get a handle on, is why the stock is dropping so drastically. We all know that Google is the best choice here. With their search, online apps, and other innovations that Google has in abundance. Then again, I’m not a stock investor, so I’ll leave this troublesome situation in their hands.



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  1. Tim you should know from experience in out stock market project, since your down about 2 grand now lol.

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