NVIDIA Acquires AGEIA, Now Owns PhysX Tech

nvidia_physX After many months of rumor, after rumor, NVIDIA finally announced today that it is acquiring AGEIA. This is significant because along with AGEIA, comes their PhysX tech. The PhysX tech allows a standalone card to handle the physics in a graphics intense program, such as a highly demanding game, like Crysis. There is also speculation that NVIDIA will use this acquisition to further their development in coprocessing units, such as NVIDIA’s CUDA cards.

With NVIDIA’s multipurpose GPU development rapidly increasing, we well soon not be able to tell which is the GPU and which is the CPU. With the integration of CPU and GPU, there are many advantages, one for example efficiency having one piece of hardware do most of the work is a lot more cost effective. It will be interesting to see what new technologies emerge from this acquisition.



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