Vista SP1 Due Today?

vista_sp1rtm It is speculated that Microsoft will release the well awaited Windows Vista Service Pack (SP1) today. Tech ARP, reports that along with the release of SP1, Windows Server 2008 will also reach its RTM state. It also looks like Microsoft will be releasing SP1 in two “waves”. Today there will be five language packs available (English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish), the rest will be available in about two weeks.

This service pack has been long desired by many, who have suffer from bugs in the Vista OS, which have gone unfixed. This release also brings many corporate adoption possibilities, many corporations were far from satisfied with the many bugs the released OS contained. If SP1 lives up to its hype then it is very likely that Microsoft will see an enormous gain in the popularity of its new Vista OS, making the “phase-out” of XP much more pleasant.

As for me I’m hoping the many small annoyances are dealt with, such as file transfer times, and greater performance with graphics card drivers. When the release hits the web, I’ll let you guys know if my “little” annoyances have gone.

Update: Stop your refreshing the SP1 download isn’t going to appear anytime today. Looks like SP1 won’t be avaliable to consumers until March, according to Microsoft. Windows Server 2008 will be available beginning March 1st.

[Via Tech ARP]


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