The Real Reason Monster Cables Cost a Fortune

monster_cableforlife_270x270 Everyone who has gone to a retail store, whether it be a Best Buy, Circuit City, or even RadioShack, you’ve seen the highly priced Monster Cables conveniently by the TV’s. Why do you think they cost so much? If you thought it was a result of Monster Cables pricing, think again.

It turns out that those retail stores, jack-up the price to as high as 80% of the wholesale price. Don’t believe me? Well, a RadioShack employee sent the Consumerist the stores inventory list, including the retail and wholesale prices. Just to give you a gist of how bloated these prices are, a 19ft HDMI-DVI cable retail price, $179.99, wholesale $99.40. If you don’t feel like doing the math that makes a profit of $80.54. Next time, think twice for falling for that “these are the best cables” junk, try MonoPrice, or NewEgg. Follow the link below for the full inventory list.

[Via The Consumerist]


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  1. I have always been turned off with people pronouncing their discovery for the first time (or their shock, or even their contempt) that there’s mark-up in products sold to the public. Wow. Especially when it’s discovered that accessories many times have a high gross margin. Get over it. If stores only sold TVs for single digit margins, some might go out of business (oh yea, some have). It’s not a crime, it’s not a sin. Monster makes great stuff and it’s worth the extra money, even if you don;t like their margins.

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