Yahoo! to Reject Microsoft’s Generous Bid?

05sofrt.xlaerge1 According to the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!’s board has decided that Microsoft’s $31-per-share offer “massively undervalues” the company. The expectations are that Yahoo! will reject Microsoft’s offer. Is Yahoo! being greedy? There is talk that Yahoo! might instead consider an offer of at least $40 per-share.

If this information holds true and Yahoo! is truly playing some “hardball”, this puts them in a very dangerous position. There is a possibility that Yahoo! could force Microsoft into a “proxy fight” to replace the board before getting Yahoo! shareholders to vote on the offer at hand. CNET’s reports as of 11 a.m. PT on Saturday, representatives from both Yahoo! and Microsoft declined to comment on the report. We, shall see in the following days what truth, if any, comes of this news. Would Yahoo! really chance loosing their chance to become neck, and neck with Google?

Update: It has been confirmed, as of Monday morning, that Yahoo! has rejected Microsoft’s bid of $44.6 billion.



Weekly Dose of Tech #001 02.09.2008

ok or no 2 copyThis is the first full-blown episode of the Weekly Dose of Tech Podcast. For this one, I talk about 8 stories that hit big this week. Also, make sure to check out the Photoshop section of the site. Our Photoshop Guru, Tyler Verissimo, has posted a tutorial of how to add some color to those black and white photos of yours.
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Show Notes:

Internet Killing Park Visits, Raising Conservation Worries
Microsoft bids $44.6 billion for Yahoo!
How will Real ID affect you?
Yahoo (sort of) launches a live video-streaming service
Peter Hirschberg’s Private Arcade
Monster Cables, Monster Ripoffs: 80% Markups
The Pirate Bay Interrogations
Dell Further Clarifies How and Where It’s Dropping AMD

The Real Reason Monster Cables Cost a Fortune

monster_cableforlife_270x270 Everyone who has gone to a retail store, whether it be a Best Buy, Circuit City, or even RadioShack, you’ve seen the highly priced Monster Cables conveniently by the TV’s. Why do you think they cost so much? If you thought it was a result of Monster Cables pricing, think again.

It turns out that those retail stores, jack-up the price to as high as 80% of the wholesale price. Don’t believe me? Well, a RadioShack employee sent the Consumerist the stores inventory list, including the retail and wholesale prices. Just to give you a gist of how bloated these prices are, a 19ft HDMI-DVI cable retail price, $179.99, wholesale $99.40. If you don’t feel like doing the math that makes a profit of $80.54. Next time, think twice for falling for that “these are the best cables” junk, try MonoPrice, or NewEgg. Follow the link below for the full inventory list.

[Via The Consumerist]

The Pirate Bay Interrogated, Not Much Help for the Police

evergreenbay We all remember when in 2006, the Swedish police raided the Pirate Bay server room, oh the controversy. Well, it turns out that three men were brought back to the “station” for some questioning. Apparently, the Swedish police used some “Jack Bauer” like tactics to try and squeeze the info out of these guys. None the less, the Pirate Bay guys gave the police some very interesting “confessions”. Some of the transcripts were released of what was said during the interrogations, here are a few of the gems [I=interegator, B=Brokep (Peter Sunde)]:

B: I have no comment.

I: Why not?

B: I don’t want to make a statement about it.

I: What do you want to make a statement about?

B: I’ll probably not make statements about very much.

I: Okay. Then what are we doing here?

B: Well it was you who wanted to (not recognizable, laugh) interrogate me.

[Via TorrentFreak]

08′ Elections…Who is the Most Tech-Friendly Candidate?

Election_2008-400x300 Still not sure of who to stand by in the 08′ Presidential race? Declan McCullagh from, has put together a chart comparing the views of the various candidates. Will your choice depend on the candidates views on technology, and its future? With issues ranging from Net Neutrality to a Net-tax ban, the are big issues that will effect all who use technology day in and day out.

Today is “Super-Tuesday” and 24 states are holding their primaries today, this should clear the mud from your windshield. But don’t base your entire vote on this, this is just a slight bit, of information, to help you find your way if your were lost. Enjoy your voting, assuming you are actually going to vote.


NVIDIA Acquires AGEIA, Now Owns PhysX Tech

nvidia_physX After many months of rumor, after rumor, NVIDIA finally announced today that it is acquiring AGEIA. This is significant because along with AGEIA, comes their PhysX tech. The PhysX tech allows a standalone card to handle the physics in a graphics intense program, such as a highly demanding game, like Crysis. There is also speculation that NVIDIA will use this acquisition to further their development in coprocessing units, such as NVIDIA’s CUDA cards.

With NVIDIA’s multipurpose GPU development rapidly increasing, we well soon not be able to tell which is the GPU and which is the CPU. With the integration of CPU and GPU, there are many advantages, one for example efficiency having one piece of hardware do most of the work is a lot more cost effective. It will be interesting to see what new technologies emerge from this acquisition.


Google Shares Plummet lower than $500

19google.184 Trouble comes to Google investors on Monday, at the time of the Market’s close, Google’s shares clocked in at $495.43. This marks the first time that they have closed a day with shares selling for less than $500.

What went wrong? Before this tragic plummet, Google’s shares were soaring topping out at $747 last November. Google’s first slam came when they reported disappointing fourth-quarter results. To knock them further in the ground the announcement of Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo!. Google investors might want to consider selling their shares while they aren’t in too deep of a hole.

What I can’t get a handle on, is why the stock is dropping so drastically. We all know that Google is the best choice here. With their search, online apps, and other innovations that Google has in abundance. Then again, I’m not a stock investor, so I’ll leave this troublesome situation in their hands.